Nine Creative Ways to Use Fire Glass to Enhance Your Home or Business

Fire glass is not only used for Fire Pits and fireplaces. Look at these creative ideas and alternative ways to use fire glass and fire beads to enhance the look of your home or business indoors and outdoors.

  1. Fireplace - Placing one or multiple colors of fire glass on the floor of existing and new indoor/outdoor fireplaces to add sparkle, warmth, color and charm
  2. Outdoor Fire Pits - Placing fire glass in existing fire pits on top of lava rock to enhance their look, add appeal, beauty and sparkle.
  3. Product Replacement – Use fire glass/fire beads as a replacement for gas logs and cinders in gas fire pits to make them look new and more attractive.
  4. Aquariums. - Spice up an aquarium by replacing the old aquarium gravel with one or multiple colors of fire glass to give it more  color, sparkle and appeal.
  5. Outdoor Landscaping – Use fire glass / fire beads as a replacement for dull worn-out plant/wood mulch in the garden, around patios, driveways, walkways, pools, ponds, decks, outdoor lights/lanterns and other areas for beautiful creative designs to enhance the look and improve the curb appeal of the home.
  6. Flower Pots and Plants – Fire glass / fire beads can be added to dull looking ceramic, tera cotta and glass flower pots, flower planters, flower boxes, flower gardens inside or outside, on the porch, decks or patios.
  7. Concrete Tables – Fire glass / fire beads can be added into and on the tops of concrete patio tables and counter tops for a customized personal look to add a mosaic of color, texture and pizzazz to dull lifeless grey concrete.
  8. Sidewalks and Pavers – Fire glass and fire beads can be added to the tops of sidewalks, driveways, walkways, stepping stones, pavers and terrazzo floors to enhance the beauty of dull gray and even colored concrete for a customized, unique, “one-of-a-kind” look for the home.
  9. Arts and Crafts - Fire glass and fire beads can be added to glass vases, candle holders, table center pieces, glass bowls, stained glass, artwork, mosaics and is only limited by your imagination.